A 2019 Resolution, A Renewed Love

In January 2019 I made all my resolutions – even broke down how I was going to achieve them. I didn’t achieve any. Except one.

I resolved to read 25 books in 2019. I hadn’t read for pleasure and enjoyment in quite a while. Sure, a book here or there, but not to the extent that I once did. Somehow I had gotten myself so wrapped up in what a reading experience should be, that I didn’t allow myself to enjoy it for what it was.

I hit 25 books in August. So I doubled it and hit 50 books in November. I’m not slowing down, and I’ve made a great dent in my “own but haven’t read yet” stockpile! I mean, I also filed that backlog back up with new books along the way, but this is the life of a bookworm. So many books, so little time!

I’m starting this blog up again. I’ll still talk about travel because my love hasn’t changed. I will still talk about mental and physical health because those are priorities in my life. But I’m also going to talk about books. Glorious, world-escaping, feel-something, laugh, cry, rage, awe-inspiring books. Jumping into the lives of characters and exploring the chapters of their lives with them – not much is better.

I try to be fair and mix it up; mystery, suspense, crime, true crime, fantasy, literature, non-fiction, and comedies make up my favorites. Mostly I have to add the others that aren’t dark to keep the balance – consuming too much darkness can take me down a rabbit hole. I love to be in that rabbit hole, don’t get me wrong. LOVE IT. But balance is the key to being well-rounded and enjoying all that life has to offer. So I diversify.

Maybe we’ll see some reviews coming soon! Maybe some stories about travel. Maybe some complaints about how freaking long the book I’m reading is (currently Count of Monte Cristo. I’m 3% in. Save me) and but how good it is anyway. Maybe stories about how the characters impact my mental and emotional state – like feeling feelings. Real feelings. Whoa.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me. What adventures await in the folds of a good book or in the sunshine of another country. Adventure is out there – and I intend to find it.

Turning the page,

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