Life Above the Clouds

This post was originally written while riding on a plane in New Zealand in March 2018.

I’m currently sitting on a plane flying from Auckland to Christchurch in New Zealand and the view from my window seat is breathtaking and moving. It’s morning so the sun has just risen and we are soaring just above the clouds. It’s us, the sun, and the blue sky up here. From this place everything seems so simple. So pure. From here all the stress and worries melt away to awe and calm.

It’s the ground that is filled with chaos and people and strife. Of course it’s filled with unbelievable beauty and magic, but here, flying above the clouds it’s a different kind of beauty. It actually reminds of me the Care Bears. Okay, stay with me. I’m a child of the 80s/90s and the Care Bears were my jam. They lived in a golden place of clouds and sunlight and blue skies and looked down on the chaos of Earth for those in need. I get why the creators would have them live in this heavenly place. It’s perfect, just like now. It fills my heart with joy. If that’s not a place for a Care Bear then I don’t know what is.

Travel lights my soul on fire. Looking out an airplane window reminds that adventure is ahead and new experiences await me. Life is about to be that much more memorable and meaningful and I’m about to walk away with memories that will last me a lifetime. It’s these moments above the clouds, with just the sun and blue skies as company that reminds me that love, peace, and our inner happiness are the most important things in life. I’m grateful for the experience of travel. It means so much more to me than just a break from reality. It means that life is breathing back into my soul, awakening that part of me that lies dormant while I toil away in an office under fluorescent lights and egos and politics. It makes me feel alive.

“We travel not to escape life, but so that life does not escape us.”

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