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At the beginning of 2018, I knew I wanted to start this blog. I had a picture in my mind of exactly what would happen and how I would get started and it would be perfect.

But reality set in and nothing is perfect. I had a false start earlier this year while traveling, and in the real world, I was dealing with serious depression. It was weird – I was in another country which is something I absolutely love, and I could barely find joy in what I was experiencing. That’s when I knew I was in some trouble.

Cut to a few months later, I got some help and gave myself a restart. I had been resistant to medication for a very long time because, “the whole world is medicated.” Well…it changed my life. I’m not mad at it at all and I’m completely fine with saying that yes, I take anti-depressants and I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel amazing most of the time.

Some days I still struggle, but those are rare instead of frequent. I am able to find joy in my every day life and prioritize what is important to me. I focus on my mental health, physical healthy, and overall life satisfaction.

I work out and started going to boxing again. I actually started flossing my teeth! I pay my bills on time, meal prep, and love my little family wholeheartedly. There’s still room to improve, and I’ve started a journey moving away from diets to focus on body respect – from nutrition to cravings to exercising to sleeping to mediating. These are all the things that I want to work on.

So this blog won’t just be about travel and how much I love Seattle – although those will be featured too. This is a place where I can share ups and downs and sideways about the things that matter to me. From travel to health – it’s all going here.

I’m here to experience everything. And share it along the way.



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