Quiet Moments

When traveling, life can be chaotic to say the least. I’m the kind of traveler that wants to absolutely maximize my time wherever I am because I’m not sure I’ll ever come back. That generally means living out of a suitcase, activities scheduled from morning until evening. Action and adventure around every turn, experiencing things that I can only see right there in that place.


But some of my most favorite moments are the moments of quiet. When I’m still and feeling exactly what’s happening right then.


In Japan it was waking up early and walking through the snow to catch the sunrise over our mountain onsen. Today, it was sitting a park while Jared took a nap next to me and I watched the ducks play and nap right next to him.


It’s the quiet moments when we can take a moment to breathe, really look at the world around you and reflect. When we are away from the stress of home life. When work and bills and obligations don’t matter. In these moments we can stop and begin to remember what is really important to us. 

For me, it’s these moments that center me. I’m beginning to find that calm I’ve been looking for. It’s this feeling that I chase around the globe and in my own backyard in between the chaos of life. They are the small moments in between the huge moments that make all the difference in my mental game.  Stopping. Listening. Breathing. Letting the sun shine on your face and the breeze fly through your hair. Or the cup of coffee on the deck while watching the sunrise and the world is still asleep.


Traveling is so much more than getting that right picture or ticking items off your bucket list. It’s looking inward and finding that person inside you that is shoved aside day to day to say, “oh there you are. Come into my arms and let me love you.” She only really comes out when it’s quiet, but when she’s there, her spirit abounds and life seems to suddenly make a whole lot more sense.

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